See • Here • Now: transformational photographers Robyn Ivy & Gregory Berg invite you to beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to share an intimate five-day journey to expand the ways we see ourselves and our world. This program is a unique fusion of creative exploration, mindfulness, and personal transformation — using photography as a tool — designed to create shifts in perspective and expand your vision of what’s possible for yourself and your life. Together, we’ll help foster the development of a new “lens” via daily reflection, group excursions, communal meals, sacred ceremony, and the exploration of our collective wisdom — all within the safe, nurturing, and supportive environment of our small group setting.

Discover New Possibilities For Your Life

Shift Your Focus, Learn To See In New Ways & Begin Transforming Your World

See • Here • Now is a unique five-day journey in one of the world’s most magical settings. Using a variety of tools that allow for deep inquiry, we’ll explore worlds outside and within.

Each day, we’ll begin by examining the patterns, “should” stories, and masks that keep you from living the life you really want.

We’ll then help you peel away those limitations to access your own Divine Wisdom, the inner knowing that’s always been there, to foster a deeper connection with life and those around us.

Our goal is to help you learn how to see and be seen— creating a new lens through which you’ll view yourself and the world around you.

Some of our methods are tactile, using photography and explorations around San Miguel and the surrounding area.

You’ll learn to strengthen your “seeing” muscle and how to place your attentional focus and intention on the things you want more of in your life.

We’ll play using shadows and light, seek out the sacred beauty that’s all around us, and visit artisans, chefs, and others who have crafted a life built around their passions.

We’ll also go within, to a deeper level of consciousness beyond the mind, to help you cultivate your inner wisdom and reveal a life purpose that’s aligned with your values.

We’ll hold space for you to be “seen” in ways you’ve never experienced before, allowing a more authentic version of yourself to emerge.


See • Here • Now will be led by transformational photographers Robyn Ivy and Gregory Berg (bios below) who have decades of combined experience putting these principles into action.

We’ve discovered that in the same way that photographers can change lenses on their cameras to “see” their subjects in new and different ways, you can change your “life lens” to do the same. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective and we’ll help guide you through that process.

The paradigm shift in how you see yourself and the world allows you to broaden your perspective, open up to new possibilities, and begin transforming your life.

We’ll do all that with a community of like-minded souls who have come together for this one-of-a-kind adventure. Won’t you join us?

Creative explorers with ALL levels of photography experience welcome.

Just bring your phone camera! Or DSLRs, mirrorless & Polaroids!

Location: the Magical City of San Miguel de Allende

See • Here • Now takes place in one of the world’s most magical settings, the historic puebla of San Miguel de Allende.

Located high in the mountains of central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a jewel of Spanish Colonial architecture; a place of cobblestone streets and picturesque church domes, frozen in time. One of the most enchanting cities in the Americas — with its colorful walls, massive wooden doors, and breathtaking hillside views — San Miguel de Allende enjoys a moderate year-round climate.

It was recently named the “#1 City in the World” by Travel + Leisure (link), as well as “Best City in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards in October 2013. It was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2008.

Virtually all the buildings you see in the central part of town date from the colonial era, and newer buildings are required by law to conform to existing architecture. Because so much of San Miguel remains as it was during the days of silver mining, many of the hotels, restaurants, and shops along its cobbled streets are housed in beautiful mansions dating from those years.


Open Up To Expanded Possibilities

Shift Your Perspective & Get Unstuck

As veteran photographers, storytellers, and light workers, Robyn Ivy and Gregory Berg have years of experience working to capture beautiful images and showcase our clients in ways that help others “see” them in a new light so they can create greater impact in the world.

WHAT if you could learn to do the same — shifting your focus and attention to see yourself and your life in a new way — and open yourself up to your most authentic self and the Divine Wisdom within each of us?

WHAT if you could feel more connected to what matters and find new ways to see the sacred that’s both all around you and within?

We’ve found that creative exploration, photography in particular, allows that to happen. And we want to show you how to do all of that yourself.

We want to shatter your limiting beliefs, which we’re often not even aware of, and show you what’s possible for your life!


Lodging For See • Here • Now Participants

Our home for the week is a comfortable house in SMA! (similar to pics below)

Daily Schedule At SEE • HERE • NOW:

We’ll begin our day as a group by examining a theme, then spend the remainder of the day exploring that theme via photo exploration in the city (either with the group or individually; it’s your choice!), and then reconvening in the evening to process, share (if you’re up for it), and discuss what we’ve discovered.

7:00 a.m. Morning Movement and Yoga (optional)

8:00 a.m. Breakfast in the house

9:00 a.m. Group Mindfulness & Centering Practice (inner lens)

9:30 a.m. Daily Theme Deep Dive & Skill Building

12:00 p.m. Lunch at the house or in town

1:00 p.m. Theme Integration & Practice around San Miguel

6:00 p.m. Dinner at the house or in town

8:00 p.m. Reconvene at the house to view/discuss/process findings

More Details About SEE • HERE • NOW:

Cost = starting at $1,550 ($1,000 deposit)

There are two price options, depending on your lodging preference. For a shared bedroom (female-female and male-male pairings only), the cost is $1,550. For your own bedroom, the cost is $1,750. A local option (no lodging) for those residing or already staying in SMA is available as well. Please contact us (info at bottom of the page) for details/price. To book a spot on the See • Here • Now Exploration, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required. The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the start date, after which no refunds for cancellation will be issued.

What's Included In The Cost?

Your registration to See • Here • Now includes:

✓ Five days of Creative Exploration in magical San Miguel, Mexico.
✓ Six nights of lodging (Sun-Sat) in a luxurious colonial-style retreat.
✓ Transportation to/from the nearest international airports.
✓ Breakfasts in the house each day.
✓ A special welcome dinner in town and wrap-up dinner at the house.
✓ Personal instruction throughout the week.
✓ A unique ceremony to honor the work we've done.

Travel Plans, Arrival & Departure

Since the Exploration will begin on a Monday morning, please plan to arrive in San Miguel on Sunday evening. We will conclude on Friday night, so please make travel plans for Saturday unless you're planning to stay longer in the city. We will arrange airport transfers for all participants from the two closest international airports.


Questions? Contact us via email or phone (info below) and we'll answer quickly!

Join Us May 7-12, 2018


We are limited to 8 guests on this exploration, so sign up today!

Cost = starting at $1,550 ($1,000 deposit)

Includes 5 days/6 nights of lodging, local transport, some meals, and activities!

Local option (no lodging) available as well. Please contact us for details/price.

What Others Are Saying About SEE • HERE • NOW:

SeeHereNow 4
[SHN] was a wonderful journey. I gained so much personally; starting from the prompts to the continuous comments and positive reinforcement from Greg and Robyn, as well as others participating in the experience. Each day I learned how to look at things differently and view my daily routine with more energy and positive attitude. I truly enjoyed this and look forward to participating in future sessions.
Kirsten P.
My growth - because of participating in SHN - has been quite remarkable. It helped me work thru serious personal losses over the past year and look at that with a completely different perspective. It gave me a new tool to use that has me out and about looking for new expression. Thank you.
SHN Participant
I highly recommend the SHN experience. For me, this was very powerful and an amazing journey of vision, new perception, and mindfulness of ourself. The interaction with others who were mostly complete strangers to me, enhanced the journey that we all shared together in common with diverse parallels. I carry this new vision with me and switch the lens when necessary to achieve focus, breathe, or a positive outlook.
Marie T.
The internet is full of courses that make big promises (Lose weight! Get fit! De-stress!) but don’t deliver. SHN is totally different and it works. First, it is easy and fun! Next, it makes no false promises so the pressure is off. Finally, it works! I felt inspired, challenged and more mindful and I continue to try to “see” differently and live in the moment. Thank you Greg and Robyn!
SHN Participant

Getting To & Around SMA:

SMA is a quick flight from many US Airports

The closest airports to San Miguel are in Léon (BJX, about 70 miles away) and Querétaro (QRO, about 45 miles away). Major airlines service both airports.

Transportation from Airports to SMA

We will arrange airport transfers (shuttle/van) for all participants from the two closest international airports.

Getting Around SMA

Our lodging is located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, so you can walk to many of the town's attractions. And we'll arrange any transport for any excursions the group takes. Otherwise, taxis or Ubers are plentiful.


About Robyn Ivy:

Robyn is a transformational photographer and coach who teaches clients to see their world through a new lens

Robyn Ivy is a professional photographer, visual brand strategist, creative director, speaker, and coach with 20 years of experience helping businesses and individual clients transform themselves by shifting their focus and learning to see their world through a new lens. Her desire to look at things from multiple perspectives has given her the ability to see possibilities, truths, and solutions that remain invisible to others. She brings a deep understanding of what holds people back and brings it into the light so it can be seen and overcome.

In 2016 Robyn created PROJECT 3.8, a compelling campaign to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, after a close friend lost her 8 year old son Dorian to rhabdomyosarcoma. She produced a traveling gallery show of 20 large scale portraits of local children who were either active cancer fighters or survivors. Her mission was to teach people how to “see” childhood cancer differently and the impact it has on so many families.

Prior to making photography her career, Robyn was a avid world traveler. As a teenager she was an exchange student in Germany for a year then later worked with baby chimpanzees in Africa, led German tourists on adventure camping trips in Alaska and beyond, taught English to German students and worked for a year with an anti-hunger coalition in Vermont. In 2001 she became a mom and began the journey of raising her two boys.

Robyn shoots for a wide range of commercial, corporate, and editorial clients as well as entrepreneurs and individuals who want to change the world. Passionate about personal growth, she teaches workshops that bridge the gap between photography and personal transformation through shifting perspectives on our lives. She lives in RI with her two sons.

To see more of Robyn’s photography, visit:


About Gregory Berg:

Greg is a veteran photographer, podcast host, and Light Scientist

Gregory Berg is a veteran photographer, podcast host and producer (Life on Purpose), multi-media storyteller, Light Scientist, journalist, and traveler.

He’s been photographing professionally since 2004. After realizing the power of creative expression blended with mindfulness and attentional focus to transform his own life, he is now working to share those processes with others. For a brief primer on mindful photography, see his post written for Digital Photo Mentor:

Behind the lens, he’s been fortunate to document destinations and amazing humans around the world, including world champion skateboarder Tony Hawk on an X-Games vert ramp, school children in Guatemala, and entrepreneurs and creatives at Camp GoodLifeProject where he’s served as photographer for the past three years.

To see more of Greg’s photography, visit:

Greg also has a keen interest in frontier science (including noetic sciences, consciousness, and quantum physics) and wisdom, the confluence of which he explores via weekly in-depth conversations on his podcast Life on Purpose.

He’s facilitated in-depth conversations with creatives, academics, and visionaries including Brene Brown, Dan Millman, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jennifer Louden, Jonathan Fields, davidji, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau, Susan Piver, Chris Brogan, A.J. Jacobs, Betsy Chasse, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., and MANY more.

Plus he’s a yogi, meditator, and foodie.


Join Us May 7-12, 2018


We are limited to 8 guests on this exploration, so sign up today!

Cost = starting at $1,550 ($1,000 deposit)

Includes 5 days/6 nights of lodging, local transport, some meals, and activities!

Local option (no lodging) available as well. Please contact us for details/price.

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If you have any questions, give Greg a call at US (eight-five-eight) 220-8072 any time!

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